Success is in the Details

August 28, 2017 by FBN Construction

Try this today: Download Hover or Magicplan from your phone’s app store and turn photos of your home into detailed measurable models in just minutes

What takes your home from good to great are the little details that will have your guests gasping, “I wish I thought of that!” From recessed wall sockets to eye-level laundry machines, these small changes to your design plans will give your home a unique usefulness that sets it apart.

Kids, family members, and online inspiration boards like can be great sources of ideas and inspiration for these kinds of detailed designs that bring your home a notch above the norm. And don’t forget that inspiration can be found anywhere -- from friends’ houses to vacation resorts, keep track of what kind of spaces make you wish that they were part of your home.

Considering the details of your space also helps avoid any hiccups along the way. Double and triple measuring rooms and furniture can help prevent buying furniture that won’t fit through doorways or can’t be brought up your staircase. Detail-oriented thinking can help you boost both the efficiency and creativity of your renovation process!

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