About FBN

FBN ALWAYS makes decisions in the best interest for the safety of its employees.

FBN understands that homeowners want to choose a contractor based not only on skill but also on fit. Because of this, we prefer to meet with potential clients for an in-depth conversation about their goals, expectations, and priorities to make sure that everyone is comfortable with and knowledgeable about the project, the people involved, and the process. This meeting is critical to making the right choice.

During the initial meeting, FBN will assess the overall project on-site and study any nuances to accurately predict and visualize the production requirements. When it is practical, FBN invites our subcontractors to join us and visually inspect the home as well. This type of input allows FBN to create an informed budget for the proposed project and to bring up any potential alternatives that may benefit the project, budget, or aesthetics.

After the initial assessment, FBN will prepare a preliminary budget based on the available information, the site assessment, and plans. Once the budget is completed, FBN invites clients to sit down with us and thoroughly review the budget line by line. This transparency provides homeowners with the information to make the choices that best suit their goals and budget.

Once a client has decided to move forward, agreements are signed and the project is set on the production schedule. With the preliminary budget approved, project development begins and an FBN Lead Carpenter is also assigned. The Lead Carpenter remains with the project for its entirety, ensuring that our clients enjoy expertise and continuity on site for every day of the project.


Up until construction begins, FBN continues to meet with clients, architects, designers, and other project-related team members to make sure that everything is in order for work to begin. During this pre-construction process, FBN is diligent in obtaining answers to any outstanding questions, finalizing selections, and setting deadlines. We also review and make copies of plans, apply for and secure a building permit, schedule subcontractors, and create job books that contain all construction related documents.

Once the project begins, FBN’s production process is designed to keep clients thoroughly informed and up-to-date on their project. We hold weekly meetings to keep clients informed of and involved in important decisions on budget, design, and other necessary factors that may affect the project budget or timeline. This is another way we allow our clients to not only be involved but also to understand and to be in control of their project’s costs. An internal FBN team meets regularly to address any issues that arise, review all meeting notes, and update current schedules and budgets. These meetings continue through the end of the project.

The FBN production team manages the end of a project for timely and efficient completion. At this time, they review punch-list items (when necessary) and verify that additional work requests have been completed. FBN schedules a close-out meeting with clients to answer any questions, discuss the client’s level of satisfaction with the project and the process, verify receipt of product manuals, and review FBN’s warranty policies and the final budget. With the contract closed, the homeowners are then free to enjoy their new home or renovation.

FBN continues to be available to clients even after a project is completed. In fact, with FBN Home Care, we can continue to be there to take care of any home needs, no matter how big or small.

FBN ALWAYS makes decisions in the best interests of the safety of its employees.
FBN is ALWAYS fair to its subcontractors and vendors.
FBN ALWAYS drives safely and courteously on and off jobsites.
FBN ALWAYS owns up to its mistakes and learns from them.
FBN ALWAYS puts the client’s needs and goals first.
FBN ALWAYS tells the truth.
FBN ALWAYS treats its clients with courtesy and respect.
FBN ALWAYS honors its commitments.
FBN ALWAYS has a courteous and professional attitude with customers, project teams and building staff.
FBN ALWAYS is always open to discussing changes in processes, techniques or other opinions.

Want to Help Us Build Dreams?

We are currently looking for a Lead Carpenter/Site Supervisor.

FBN is a company that cares about its people, we are known for being a great place to work that provides a great work-life balance in addition to competitive salary and benefits.

Lead Carpenter/ Site Supervisor: 

We are also looking for a Lead Carpenter/ Site supervisor with high integrity, consistency and exceptional supervision abilities.

As a Lead Carpenter/ Site Supervisor you will be responsible for driving important results including: 

  • Daily operations of residential projects
  • Maintain job records including: daily time cards, weekly schedules and budgets
  • Assist production department to set up job
  • Problem solve and make quick/accurate decisions
  • Perform carpentry tasks
  • Supervision of scheduling and subcontractors
  • Lead, motivate and integrate great performance from subs, employees and vendors
  • Maintain highest degree of integrity with clients


  • Read and execute architectural drawings and specifications
  • Professional attitude and presentation
  • Construction Supervisor’s License
  • Computer skills
  • Extensive experience as a carpenter
  • Transportation: a valid driver’s license and access to car
  • Experience working in a city environment is a plus

Apply by uploading your resume below.


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