5 Ways to Keep your Home Warm this Winter

November 20, 2018 by FBN Construction

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When the first snows start to fall outside, you know it’s time to make sure your home is all set for the winter and holidays. Whether you’re double checking that everything’s set for the winter or looking to spruce up your home decor, we’ve got you covered. It might be chilly outside, but these top tips will help you stay cozy indoors!

  1. Keep in the heat. Amp up your indoor comfort this winter by keeping your home warm and cozy. Add soft blankets, fuzzy rugs, heavy curtains and oversized pillows to any chilly part of the home. These small changes make a big difference when it’s freezing outside.
  2. Keep out the cold. Worried about that thermostat bill this winter? It could be time to update your home insulation. Start small by replacing old windows and doors. Ready for a bigger renovation project? Contact us at FBN to get a quote on your home renovation.
  3. Warm up your decor. Small decor adjustments, like adding candles and soft lighting, can make a great impact on your home’s comfort this winter. We love these winter candles and this great collection of candlestick holders. Out with the cold and in with the cozy!
  4. Check the thermostat. With the temperatures dropping, it’s finally time to turn on that thermostat. But, before you turn it all the way up, make sure you’ve double checked that your home’s heating system is all set to withstand the winter.
  5. Get ahead of the holidays. Beat the holiday rush and start prepping your home early for your holiday guests and events. Spruce up your guest room with these cozy sheets and get excited about holiday meal planning with these best holiday dinner sets.

Cover photo by Sweta Meininger

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