Never Ever Avoid Permits

August 14, 2017 by FBN Construction

Try this today: Planning to renovate a home in Boston? Check out the city’s comprehensive guide to building permits before you begin.

Getting city or county permits for your renovations may seem like a huge hassle to add to your renovation to-do list, but acquiring the proper permits now will save yourself from setbacks down the road. Finding the correct permits for you remodel means that you can be sure that your homeowners insurance will continue to protect you after your remodel and that your home will be valued properly when you decide to sell.

Think about the time and money that you put into getting permits for your addition or renovation as a guaranteed investment into the security of your home’s value in the future. Make sure to ask potential contractors about their knowledge on permits in your area before you hire to ensure that they can help you navigate the permit system where you live.

Cover photo by Nik MacMillan

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