Think About Increasing Efficiency Instead of Adding Space

July 10, 2017 by FBN Construction

Try this today: Take a look at these 24 ideas to use your space efficiently and get inspired now!

Looking to add more space to your home? Start by thinking about how to take advantage of the space that you already have before resorting to knocking down walls and adding square footage. If you’re hoping to add new rooms to your home, begin by taking a look at the rooms that you already have. Opting for multi-purpose furniture like sofa beds and fold-out desks that can allow one room to serve many purposes, like adding a futon to  your at-home office space so it can transform into a guest room for visitors.

From doors that double as bookshelves to mounted artwork that unfolds into a table top, the creative ways to increase the efficiency of the storage and furniture of your space are endless. Well-organized and effectively designed closets and storage spaces can also help keep the most-used spaces of your home uncluttered. Even better, increasing the efficiency of your space only requires a fraction of the time and cost that a full remodel would take.

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