Timing Can Be Everything

August 21, 2017 by FBN Construction

Try this today: Use a planning app, like HomeZada, to help keep your renovation budget and timeline up-to-date and always accessible.

Though it might feel like your renovation project is bound to take months to complete, planning ahead for what part of your project happens when can help make sure that you get the best quality service.

Like all industries, home improvement services go through a cycle of supply and demand during the year. Hoping to get your deck redone for summer? Make sure to contact a contractor in the winter or spring to guarantee that you won’t be waitlisted behind other clients. Remember that the busiest contracting season is April to June, so any work that you hope to do then should be planned well in advance.

Also consider when you spend the most time indoors and when you may be travelling for vacation -- planning your renovation for when your family is away can help you avoid living through the noise, dust, and occasional chaos of indoor renovations.

Photo by Gian Prosdocimo

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