See What Your Home Might Look Like Before You Start

February 12, 2018 by FBN Construction

Try this today: Check out some of these free or inexpensive home design apps to inspire your next project. We especially recommend this one.

Building a new home or starting a remodel can be a daunting task.  Who knows if that sectional you picked out online will fit in the living room or how the paint color you loved in the home improvement store will actually look on your walls?  

Close your eyes and imagine a way to lessen the feeling of intimidation about the unknown in your home improvement process.  Now open your eyes and thank us, because we have a solution for you!  Using home design applications on your mobile device, tablet, or computer allow you to visualize a complete space without lifting a finger.  A variety of apps can give you project ideas and inspiration, let you visualize paint colors on your own walls, and even allow you to create a 3D mockup of an interior design scheme.

So before you throw your hands up in frustration, remember that home design apps can help you explain your imagination to your contractor better.

Cover photo by John Schnobrich

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