Host a Great Thanksgiving: 5 Easy Tips

November 21, 2017 by FBN Construction

It's Not Too Late to Prepare for a Great Thanksgiving, with 5 Easy Tips 

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you as under-prepared as most hard working and busy people? No worries – we have you covered.  Here are 5 easy tips to host a great Thanksgiving, even if you only start planning today. The key is in organizing and collaborating, even if its T – 3 days until the big meal.

  1. Count the guests. Make sure you know how many people are going to be there. Text/email/call everyone who was invited and make sure they are going to be there. Knowing the exact number of people will save you from being over prepared and overwhelmed.
  2. Plan your menu. Keep it simple. It’s easy to feel compelled to make 10-15 sides and show off your culinary skills, but you can impress as much with just 6 perfectly made sides too. Gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggies, salad, cranberry sauce. Create six perfect sides and you are done! You can even supplement a few sides like cranberry sauce and salad dressing with pre-made options from a good store – no one will know and we'll keep the secret! For the rest, here are a few inspirations for a simple menu, including a grocery list
  3. Get your home guest ready. Make space. Avoid any kind of deep cleaning. Collect all items on any horizontal surfaces and put them away in one large box or a closet. You can sort these things out later. Don’t forget to make room for coats by emptying a closet or simply tidying an guest bedroom. If you are worried about any unpleasant odors, place some coffee grounds/ vinegar in open bowls and open the windows for a while if possible. Finally, vacuum and dust – this is very important and makes a huge difference. Even though you have only minimally cleaned, your home will look perfect for your guests!
  4. Make the meal look festive. Set the table with fresh flowers, lights, candles, leaves, anything that fits in your budget and looks great. Make it look festive without spending too much time or money.  Here are a few ideas for quick and easy Thanksgiving decorations
  5. Collaborate with your guests. When people ask you what they can bring, don’t let them down. Ask them to bring anything from sides to pies to ice cream to decoration stuff. You can even ask some close guests to arrive early to help you with decoration, setting the table, or even cooking.

Follow these 5 simple tips and you are all set for a great Thanksgiving, plus you'll even have some extra energy for that Black Friday shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving from the FBN family!

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