Launch Party: The Favreaulous Factory. March 3rd 2018

February 26, 2018 by FBN Construction

On March 3rd 2018 we will be launching The Favreaulous Factory in collaboration with Steven Favreau, Dennis Wyrzykowski's Institute of Ethics, Haley Horn’s, Samuel Thompson, Chris Galli and amazing, independent business owners with good hearts, doing great work in a magical place along with us Andrew Sidford Architects, Greg Premru, Annabel Joy, Jennifer McArdle Dulac, Zachary Torres. Can’t wait to celebrate this great space with this great team!


The Favreaulous Factory

Created by Steven Favreau and Dennis Wyrzykowski, the Favrealous Factory is a sanctuary for design, ingenuity and creativity, and the headquarters for their diverse businesses. Envisioned to awaken the senses and challenge possibilities—fantasy, luxury and innovation merge—creating the Favreaulous Factory experience. Housed in an 11,000 square foot urban loft, Steven’s interior design enterprise is in the heart of Boston’s Innovation and Design District.

Favreau’s open floor-plan concept features intimate design spaces. Informal and welcoming, these vignettes accommodate his residential and commercial interior design business, home-furnishings, design & manufacturing, along with Printz and the Institute of Ethics. Printz, co-founded by entrepreneur Haley Horn and Favreau, is an online social media platform for millennials designing their homes. Wyrzykowski’s non-profit Institute of Ethics is dedicated to creating businesses having both social impact and profitability. Attracting experiences from a global network, their social initiatives empower the poor and marginalized.

Favreau and Wyrzykowski opened their headquarters to a select group of innovators sharing the same values and principles of integrity, honesty and sincerity, providing opportunities of unparalleled insight, vision and potential for creativity.

Associates of the Favreaulous Factory are not sub-leassors or renters, but independent professionals working in the Favreaulous Factory as friends and colleagues. FBN Construction LLC, Andrew Sidford Architects, and Greg Premru Photography are trusted and successful firms in the Boston area. Their dynamic presence in the Favreaulous Factory lends to the overall atmosphere of imagination, perspective and vision, providing distinct solutions to unanswered questions. Although working independently of each other, the environment provides unprecedented relationships, united support and celebration.

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