Plan, Yet Be Ready For Surprises

May 8, 2017 by FBN Construction

Take plenty of time to plan. The more developed and thorough your planning is now, the less frustration there will be during and after the renovation. This means taking into account your wants and needs, the steps of the project, the budget, and the timeline of each step of the renovation. And most importantly, plan where you’ll stay during the project.

You don’t always have to move out, but even if you don’t you still need to create reasonable boundaries (with your contractor’s guidance) within which you can continue to live noise- and dust-free. That way you won’t be suffering until the completion of the project. But you also need to be realistic: even the perfect plan can be hit with little surprises like rotten beams or spontaneous leaks. Don’t forget to build in a little wiggle room in your project timeline and budget in case unfortunate things like that spring up.

Photo credits: Green Chameleon

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